Offset High School Tuition at A Catholic High SChool

Through the generosity of many donors who support of long and lasting legacy of the Quigley high school seminary program, we are proud to offer $2,500 scholarships (renewed annually) to help students in financial need who are enrolled in a Catholic high school. These scholarships are paid directly to the Catholic high school the Quigley Scholar attends in two installments: one in the first semester and one in the second.

To qualify, a student must be attending a four year Catholic high school in the Archdiocese of Chicago. (Awards are not given to students who attend public high schools, Catholic high schools outside the Archdiocese of Chicago, or are home-schooled.)

Participation is the most important part of the Quigley Scholars program, so students are required to be present at the monthly meetings to receive the full scholarship. Parents are required to attend an annual meeting to see how their son's potential vocation can be fostered and developed in the home.

There is an area on the application form where you can apply for the scholarship. A Quigley Scholar must apply for the scholarship each year they are involved in the program.


College Seminary Scholarship

Saint Joseph College Seminary offers a $2,500 scholarship for those who attended a public high school or were home-schooled while involved in the Quigley Scholars Program and are admitted to the college seminary. The scholarship is applied directly toward tuition at Saint Joseph College Seminary and is awarded annually based on the number of years the student participated as a Quigley Scholar. All Chicago seminarians who attend St. Joseph's College Seminary are eligible for archdiocesan assistance for tuition.